Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools!

Did you prank anyone yesterday? I know I did! I got away with TWO! Yes, I said two. Count 'em, 1, 2!!

First one was at work. Long story, so I'll spare you the details.

My second one was on my poor husband. Crackers, our crazy pittie below, has a history of destorying stuff. We have one room in our house in which EVERY wall has at least one hole. I will have to take pics one day. Talking about it just doesn't do it justice. He is also a dog-ini (Hudini. He has figured out how to escpae out of this crate. We now have to put those little rock-climbing hocks to keep his bottay in there. Anyway... My coworker, Maria, suggested a play a prank on David.... my wheels got turning and *click.* Thats it! I'll tell him Crackers had another one of his "hissy fits."

So, when I get home, I call hubby on the house phone. I said in a concerned voice, "Hey... Did you forget to lock his crate this morning?" His reponse, "No, I'm pretty sure I did. Why, did he get out?" In my most disappointed voice, I told him, "Yes, he did. You know how he ripped up the carpet the other day? Well, he did it again, worse. He also made more holes in the walls and he even managed to tear up a door." Then my sweetheart of a husband says, "You know he's gone, right?" Then I exclaim "APRIL FOOLS!!"... *click* "Hello?" I ask. Nothing. He hung up on me! I tried to call him back to reassure him I was joking, but he turned his phone off. Great. Now I have to wait until he gets home from the gym to talk. : /

A couple hours later, I hear his truck pull up. I got to open the door for him, as I always do, and I see his disappointed face. I open the door. He said, "So, where are the holes?" At this point I realized that he didn't think I was joking. He really thought I was serious. He though I just said "April Fools" so he wouldn't be upset anymore. Luckily, I was joking, this time at least.

Happy April Fools everyone!

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Loly said...

LOL!!! Love it!!!