Monday, January 28, 2008

Nothing for Project 52 again

I was busy with my husband's birthday party all weekend, I didn't have any time to
get out and take any photos. Here are just a couple from the party.

My husband, the birthday boy, and me

Our best friends, Mike and Abi

My good friend Amanda and I

Lori, me, and Abi - great friends... I love yall!

Abi and I

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Woah there!

48 people viewed this blog yesterday! That is a record by FAR!! Keep 'em coming people. I'm trying to do a lot better at updating my blog. At least once a week if not more frqently. If you want, leave a comment with your blog or page link and I'll add you to my favorite bloggers.

Thanks for visiting. :)

Playing with Texture

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Project 52, Week 3 - making up for week 2

Since I didn't take any pics last week for week 2, I thought I would take a bunch this past weekend.


Tonka Truck

I took pics of his truck b/c we're going to try to sell it in Auto Tradder. Anyone interested? I'm sure we can ship it... if you pay! ; )

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stay Tuned! - and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Hubby

I know I let yall down last week with now new pics, but I really did take a bunch this weekend! I was off of work yesterday and now my USB cord isn't cooperating today so I can't upload my pics. I will try my darndest to get them on here tomorrow.

On another note...
Today is my husband's BIRTHDAY!!! He turns 28 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY POOKIE!!

I was running around all day yesterday getting stuff for my husbands party this weekend. I picked up some contacts while I was out. I've been trying to get some that work with my eyes for a few months now. These seem to work ok - so far! Apparently, my eyes don't make enough tears when the contacts are in, so they tend to dry out really bad. I'm in Proclear contacts right now. Hopefully the last try!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Project 52, Week 2

I was baaad this weekend!

I had a long weekend, but wasn't able to go anywhere. My poor DH came down with some kind of sickness and I was tending to him ALL weekend. I even took off yesterday to make sure he was ok and to take him to the dr. : /

I will try to make up for it for week 3!

In the meantime, enjoy this pic of my loves.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Project 52, Week 1

I decided not to be overly ambitious and stick with the 52 week project, instead of the 365 day project. So, this weekend I began my quest for getting shots every week at new locations.

This was week 1, mile 1. I went to a school right down my house to take some pics.