Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 Photography Goals - 365 and 52 Projects

I don't make any personal related resolutions because I know its HIGLY likely that I will break them. But, I am setting some new photography related goals.

1. I want to be able to fully understand the correlation between iso, f/stop and ss to be able to nail my exposure the first shot.

2. Taking more pictures of people, rather than just objects.

3. Stop worring about having every pic look pro and just take pictures for the memories.

To help myself learn, to get practice and to keep myself motivated, I have decided to try out the "365 Day Project." This is a project where the goal is to post a picture of something different every day for a whole year. Let's see how I do. Since I decided to try it today, I will post a few to make up for the first 2 days of the new year. I will try to post at least one a day, but hopefully I will have more.

I also heard there is a "52 Week Project" in where you are to take pictures each week. Well, I thought of a spin to this... To make it more interesting, I thought for each week, you could go out the respectful distance for your shoot. Say, you are in the first week, you would take pics a mile from your house. Week 2, you would take pics 2 miles from your house, so on and so forth. So, on week 52, you will be traveling 52 miles from your house to take a pic. I suggest you going out in different directions every once in a while. That would be easy for me... I live in Houston! Plenty of highways to travel and place to stop along the way.

So, without further adue (sp?), my first pics of the new year and my project.

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