Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mini Caney Creek Vacation

We had a blast and I wish I would have taken more pictures. I think I say that way too often. I need to do something about it next time! ;)

We headed down their Friday night somewhere around 9 pm or so. The drive isn't bad at all, only takes a little over an hour. We stopped at a Taco Bell...where guys were trying to hit on us through our guys... to grab some good eats. Headed to the house and played some games. Since I was sick, I wasn't able to hang the whole night, but everyone else stayed up until around 4 in the morning! :O

The next day, we woke up and went to a friend of their's house to put out crab traps. We stayed there a while and then headed to the beach. Our dogs LOVED the water! We knew Crackers (our pittie) did, but Cheese normally hates the water. Something must have come over her because she was swimming in the ocean!

All in all, we had a great time. We loved seeing how happy our dogs were roaming the land and sea. Just one more excuse to get us property with a bunch of land one day. :)

Poor Lori got sick Friday night!

This is what I woke up to Saturday morning. 2 of the loves in my life! My husband said he just woke up and wanted to mow! He hasn't been on a riding lawnmower for a few years now. He loves it every chance he can get. He's such a redneck ;)

We went down to help them move some furniture there.

Jake! He is right around Crackers's age. They are so cute together!

Lori and Cheese

Tracey (mommy-to-be and mom of Jake), Jake, and Crackers

My fav! My hubby, Tracey, and Lori... and of course, Miss Cheese

My hubby, Cameron, Lori, Tracey, and Cheese

Love this pic too! It shows what the weekend was about - relaxing! (note:Cheese's bootay in the bottom right corner :)

Cameron and Lori - Are they not the cutest? I will be taking photos for them in the upcoming month, so stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun and relaxing vacation! I need one of those!! Great dog pics!

Loly said...

My fav is the one of David on the riding lawn mower and the doggie just watching him! Too cute!