Thursday, March 27, 2008

FINALLY! Some pictures!

Its about time I've posted! As promised, here are a few pictures from our weekend with my in-laws, celebrating Easter. Plenty to look at, enjoy! :)

Our beautiful neice, Kayla Brie

My sweet husband

My mom-in-law, aka "Gam-ma"

What's Easter without dyed eggs?!

My sister-in-law, Kayla's mom

Time for my dad-in-law to try to fly a kite

Look at it go!

My husband trying to get it to take off :)

Little Miss Princess

Princesses can't be messy!

"Gam-ma" and "K-K"

Dad and son

Oh no! The kite ran out of string and took off! No hope for it now.


Nope. Long gone. We saw it hovering in the same spot for a few mintues. It must have gotten hung up on something, but then it flew off.

"Paw-paw" and "K-K"

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Loly said...

Awesome pictures as always! :)