Monday, March 24, 2008

Woah! Its been over a month?

I've been extremly busy at work and extremely lazy at home. Not a good combination. I've had pics of our pups to shar for a couple weeks now, but I haven't had time to upload them. I grabbed some more of our neice while we were having our Easter Day at my in-laws. I am hoping to post those tomorrow or at least by Friday.

We had a great long weekend. The hubster had off for Good Friday, so I decided I would join him and take the day off too. We went to the mall to get some summer shopping done, but we ended up walking away empty handed. Saturday, we went to another mall (Memorial City) on the way to my parent's house. This trip was a little more sucessful. I walked away with a new cute swimsuit and hubby got a pants, shoes and a shirt. We spent the rest of the day spending time with my family. It was great because I don't think we've seen them since Christmas! :O

Sunday, we spent the day with my in-laws to celebrate Easter. Our 2 y/o neice was so excited about searching for the eggs in the yard. She did pretty good for 2! I was a bad aunt and I eat up some of her candy. Pics of this day to come.

Happy Monday!

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